3M Cubitron II segmented wide belts

Danpoort produces a product range of wide belts in 3M Cubitron II qualities such as 984F. 3M Cubitron II Cloth Belts containing precision spaed grain have been high performers in the market for many years. They offer considerable improvement over conventional abrasives, delivering long life, fast cut rate and high stock removal on various alloys and metals. They are therefore ideally suited for use in many markets and applications where grinding and surface modification is required.

3M Cubitron II segmented wide belts

With our very modern production facility, we can offer very high-quality products that meet the highest quality requirements. We can offer special overlap joints to guarantee the best surface qualities. Based on our experiences in the market we see the 3M Cubitron II 984F as a very sufficient quality on the application of segmented wide belts.

We do offer one of the highest tolerance joint-splicing in the industry, Danpoort helps you extend usable life without premature seam chatter. In our manufacturing proces we use a high-tech technology, featuring tapeless skived lap joints that won’t open up and maintains thickness across the joint. With our cloth sanding products, we use a premium taped joint designed with compensation across the joint for a consistent sanding thickness.

Danpoort International Abrasives manufactures the 3M Surface Conditioning Discs in various dimensions and configurations.