Wide sander belts

Danpoort produces a product range of wide belts for sanding chipboard, fiberboard, cement board and many woodworking and metalworking manufacturing applications. With our very modern production facility, we can offer very high-quality products that meet the highest quality requirements.

Custom sanding solutions

We can offer special overlap joints to guarantee the best surface qualities. We offer you a wide range of various brands including 3M, VSM, Norton and Hermes. In addition to wide sanding belts, we can also offer you segmented wide sanding belts with a cloth, paper or non-woven backing. We do offer one of the highest tolerance joint-splicing in the industry, Danpoort helps you extend usable life without premature seam chatter.

Our production facility

In our manufacturing proces we use a high-tech technology, featuring tapeless skived lap joints that won’t open up and maintains thickness across the joint. With our cloth sanding products, we use a premium taped joint designed with compensation across the joint for a consistent sanding thickness.